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Like most purebred dogs, both Goldens and Labs can suffer from inherited health problems. The Golden Retriever and the Labrador are both healthy dogs. The overall body type of Golden vs Lab reflects the size difference between the two breeds. Displaying Page 1 of 1 pages. Getting Involved Save an Animal. I am so sad for Nolan, because I don’t know what to do to save his life. Cool Dog Breeds – Our Top Ten Coolest Dogs. They were the perfect sporting companion for wealthy owners who enjoyed game hunting. Golden Retrievers also have a long coat, which means more grooming whereas a Labrador’s bouncy nature makes them more boisterous. Lab Golden Retriever Mix Appearance. They are admired worldwide due to their sweet temperament, good-nature and wonderful companionship. Like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers are also divided into different types, these are the American, British and Candian type. Both of Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix parents are medium-sized dogs, so no doubts, Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix is also going to be a medium-sized dog. We started Showing Phebe in 1998 and fell in love with this beautiful breed. But many potential owners wonder about the differences between Lab and Golden Retriever personalities. You can then use a slicker brush for an overall grooming, and some Lab owners like to use a comb on their dogs as a final step in the grooming process. They differ in both looks and temperament. This will only be at the beginning. 2. The Labrador and the Golden retriever are highly social animals who thrive off human company. He’s very goofy and he never says no for a play. 2 days ago. The breed standard describes it as a rich, lustrous golden that can vary from dark to light, although very light and very dark are not accepted in show quality dogs. It consists of a soft undercoat that protects the dog in cold weather, and a top coat that is shorter in length than the Golden’s. You will often hear Lab owners refer to this as blowing the coat, just like in Golden Retriever’s. Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, the Labrador Handbook, Choosing The Perfect Puppy, and Total Recall. No other color variations are acceptable in show quality Labs. In times of peak shedding, such as during seasonal changes, that frequency may increase. Difference between Labrador and Golden Retriever temperament. The American type Labrador Retriever is sensitive, intelligent, and active. I have a golden retriever. Golden Retrievers and Labradors are both extremely loving dogs who share many similarities. Once you start doing it regularly, a once weekly raking should be fine. The Labrador Site is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, University of Cambridge Metabolic Research Laboratories. Golden Retrievers require more brushing to prevent any matting of their long coat. Labs and Goldens are both very trainable and obedient, which is good news for novice owners. Both breeds are similar with their teeth, nail and ear grooming requirements. News: Puppies . Please advise me what to do. It’s always important to take your lifestyle into account when choosing a dog…both the breed and the individual animal. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is an important long-term project that studies cancer in Goldens. One a lab and one a golden. Here’s a quick look at coat color. It wasn’t until after the St. Johns Water Dog was imported to England that aristocrats admired their loyalty, work ethic and love of water. Labradors have a more robust looking head shape. Besides normal, everyday shedding, their undercoat grows thicker in the winter and sheds in the spring. Grooming your Golden outdoors can be a good way to reduce the amount of hair in the house. As we’ve seen in the grooming section, both Labs and Goldens have double coats consisting of a top coat and an undercoat. At 3 months, your Labrador Retriever puppy needs about 15 minutes 2x per day. Labrador Retrievers Do Not Need Regular Grooming, German Shepherd: Everything New Owners Must Know, English Lab: A Complete Guide To This Show-Ring Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler Lab Mix: The Complete Labrottie Dog Breed Guide, Mountain Feist: Complete Breed Guide (Size, Puppies & Temperament), 500+ Bulldog Names: Choose The Perfect Name For Your Bulldog, Pitbull Breeds & Types of Pitbulls – A List of EVERY Pitbull, Chiweenie – The Ultimate Chihuahua Dachshund Mix Owners Guide. You’re thinking about getting a new dog and have narrowed down the choice to the Golden Retriever or Labrador. Golden Retrievers were bred from wavy (or flat) coated Retrievers and Tweed Water Spaniels. Goldens can vary in appearance depending on where they were bred. Though the Labrador and Golden Retriever are not related, and are separate breeds, they were obviously both bred originally to be retrieving breeds, and by that very nature are very similar in size and shape. Many potential owners wonder about coat color choices in both Labs and Goldens. At 6 months your Labrador Retriever puppy will need 30 minutes of exercise 2x per day and so on. Both are too cute for words! I live my goldens. Labrador Retriever Older Dogs for Sale. The proportions of the Golden tend to be elegant and symmetrical. If having to spend as much as 5 minutes vacuuming hair on a daily basis is too much trouble for you, you probably should not contemplate getting a dog, much less a retriever. More than one brushing per week is recommended for Goldens. Also like Goldens, Labs need regular grooming to control the shedding. You can see the slight size variation in the table below which shows the average height and weight of both breeds: Female Golden Retrievers stand at 21 to 22 inches compared to female Labradors with a height of 21.5 to 23.5 inches. Labs don’t have the feathery furnishings on the ears, neck, and tail like Goldens, so those areas will need virtually no trimming. After arriving in England the breed officially became known as a Labrador Retriever. Recently, the terms English Lab and “American” Labrador have been appearing more and more in dog networks. Golden Retriever; Looking for a Labrador or golden retriever puppy. Then maybe a Goldador is what you are really looking for! If you are looking for a dog that loves to get outside and join you for a run, walk or adventure then both breeds are perfect. The words commonly used to describe the temperaments of both Goldens and Labs are the words we use to describe very good dogs! The Lab was used as a working water dog, to help fishermen retrieve nets and haul gear. If you want a dog to stop and think about the best route to find the bird, get a golden.” That’s really the difference–if you want a high energy dog that never stops and can take a lot of distress, labs are your dog. Viva la difference! Recent genetic research, led by the GOdogs project at Cambridge University, has found a genetic mutation that affects appetite and obesity in Labradors and Flat-Coated Retrievers. Mrs Reid spent a lot of her time sharing her knowledge and experience of the breed with my mother Sandra. They can also be trained to do hunting, detection, and rescue. While breed standards are exacting for show quality dogs, remember that a pet quality dog can be larger or smaller than the breed standard, depending on the individual animal. Dog breed experts note that there are differences in British, American, and Canadian Goldens. When you first start using an undercoat rake, you may be surprised at the huge amount of dead fur that will be removed from your dog’s coat. Many people think Labs require less maintenance than Goldens. Never wanted 3 dogs.. Dogs with 2 copies of the gene are on average 4 kg heavier than non-carriers. They are the American (or Working) Lab and the British (or Show) Lab. A variant of this gene, called POMC, is present in one quarter of all U.K. Labradors. The Labrador Retriever has three different official coat colors: yellow, black and chocolate. The Golden Labrador is a mix of the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. As are Golden Retrievers, and Golden Lab mixes too! Gorgeous 3 year old to stud full history & vet checks great personality champion blood lines microchip 956000005383192 . Generally, the Lab is a slightly larger dog than the Golden. However, these two colors are not officially recognized. But many potential owners wonder about the differences between Lab and Golden Retriever personalities. The Labrador Retriever is larger than the Golden. For example, a Lab that gets a scolding may be more likely to brush it off and go about his business than a Golden. Both dogs are active and love to have a job to do. Labrador Retriever Life Span – How Long Do Labs Live? Get one of each !!!!! I’m a golden person,and always have been.I have owned a lab,and we loved him,but he was always crazy,and not great with our kids,but not bad either.Our golden is still very energetic,and needs a lot of exercise,but isn’t frantic all the time.I think both are great breeds but I have,and always will be a golden person! Their soft-mouths helping them fetch water-fowl without harm. This means that it is adept at finding and retrieving birds and other game brought down by hunters. But although tthey have quite similar histories, what about their stature? They became best friends. Their high energy levels may be a bit too much for seniors to keep up. Help us find the forever home of surrendered or rescued Labrador Retrievers. The Golden Retriever enjoys a calm and quiet environment. The Golden Retrievers popularity sky rocketed to 3rd after the movie Air Bud. The life expectancy of the Golden Retriever is between 10 and 12 years; relatively long-lived when compared to many large dog breeds. So how does Golden Retriever grooming compare with Labrador Retriever grooming? She was a golden retreiver. Wanted: Looking for Labrador or golden retriever puppy. What’s the difference between a Lab and a Golden Retriever? When comparing a Golden Retriever vs Labrador, the Golden is a gentler, more patient and sensitive dog. The St. Johns Water Dog was then imported to England and used as retrievers in shooting sports. The Golden also has furry feather-like fur around their body. Don’t panic! Both Mum and Dad are registered purebred Golden Retrievers with full hip and elbow scores. Labs generally need to be bathed less frequently than Goldens, which reduces the number of regular grooming tasks for potential owners concerned about overall maintenance time. I have been the very luckiest person to love and own dogs. The best way cope with shedding in a Golden is with a good brushing every few days; once weekly brushing may not be adequate. Once they reach maturity, at approximately 18 months of age, they settle down a bit more. We’ve talked about coat type, but what about coat color? Golden Retriever Chocolate Lab Mix size. DARKEST RARE RED STANDARD POODLES. Unlike the Golden, the Labrador Retriever’s first job was to retrieve nets, ropes and fish for fishermen. Golden Retrievers Are From Scotland vs. Labs From Canada. The Golden Retriever has a very long coat that can be either wavy or straight. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Price $3,500.00 Gender Female Age < 3 months Breed Labrador Retriever Type x-Breed MicrochipNumber 956000012264369 mum Source Number ee114546. For the top coat, many experts recommend a good quality slicker brush as a must-have. Labs Have More Energy. Two of the best dogs I had in my life! What about the yellow Lab vs Golden Retriever? Labs Can Be Yellow, Black and Chocolate. However, the Golden Retriever is known to be slightly longer and has a longer snout too. My lab, was more puppy, was leaping straight in the air. Labrador Retrievers are at an increased risk for obesity compared to other dog breeds. The differences between the purpose of the Golden Retriever vs Labrador are subtle now because they both have similar jobs, however, historically they had very different jobs! While at a 4 square mile dog friendly hiking trails by the river, me with my lab, I met up with a golden owner. Canine experts claim that Goldens are much more sensitive than Labradors. Goldens have American and English variants as well as Labradors. There is no evidence to support the theory that they were descended from Rusiian circus dogs, more a story than fact. “A Deletion in the Canine POMC Gene Is Associated with Weight and Appetite in Obesity-Prone Labrador Retriever Dogs.” Cell Metabolism, 2016.

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